You are trying to access a web page or service that is currently using WRAP Authentication for access management. The WRAP Authentication Service has been decommissioned as of 12/31/2016.

This service is operational as a courtesy but will no longer function after January 19, 2017. Beyond that date you will no longer be able to access this content. Please contact the site owner/administrator to ensure that the site is updated to comply with current campus authentication standards.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the NC State Help Desk: or 919.515.HELP.

Campus Affiliation

What is this?
WRAP is an authentication system for NC State University faculty, staff and students. It requires you to login using your NC State Unity user ID and password. If you are not an NC State faculty, staff, or student, you can still login using our Guest account. Note, however, that this account has restricted rights.

How does this work?
WRAP issues an encrypted cookie named WRAP16. Your browser must accept this cookie and pass it to other webservers for WRAP to work correctly.

How do I log out?
You can remove your WRAP cookie by using the logout link. Otherwise, your cookie will automatically expire after a certain period of time, or your browser will remove the cookie when you close your session.

What if I think this is a scam?
We have added a dynamically-generated security image to each of the WRAP login pages, to make it easier for our users to detect fake login sites that are trying to steal the users' password credentials. You can learn more about this image and how to verify that your login is secure by visiting our WRAP information site.
It these items do not check out please do not login to this page, and report the site to the NC State Help Desk at