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Do you have a Unity account?

In order to be affiliated with NC State University, you must have a NC State Unity account. For more information about acquiring a Unity account, please contact

What if I do not know what my Unity account is, or if I've forgotten my password?

When you first come to NC State as a faculty or staff member or as a student, you are automatically given an Eos/Unity account, which you can utilize during your active stay at NC State. (This includes semesters that students are registered for classes and any time that a faculty or staff member appears on University payroll.) Your login ID is your first initial, middle initial, and the first six letters of your last name. So, for example:

Patrick Torrence Williams  would be  ptwillia
Christopher Holland King   would be  chking

All unity ID's use all lower-case letters.

If your account name has already been taken by another student (such as Christine Harriet King), then your account will have a number at the end of it. In this case, since chking was already taken, the new account would be chking2. If you need to lookup your Unity username, please contact the Helpdesk at the contact number below.

Your password will intially be the last four digits of your Campus ID number (follows the letters "NCSU" on your All Campus Card) plus the four digits of your birth month and day. For example, if your Campus ID number ends in 1234 and your birthday is January 31, then your initial password is 12340131. You will want to change this when you first log on. You can do so via the Web at:

Have you recently changed your password?

If you have recently changed your Unity password, please be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for your password to propogate throughout the realm. This means that if you get an authentication/password error shortly after you changed your password, you should attempt to authenticate with your old password (until the new password takes effect).

Can you log into other NCSU sites that require loginID/password?

You may want to try other NCSU sites to see if you can access those or get similar errors. Some test pages would be:



Try both of these pages.

I receive an error that says that I've been authenticated... What do I do?

WRAP is set up so that, after authentication, the server should redirect you to the page you originally tried to get to. If your browser did not get the referring page cookie, you will stay at the authentication page. To fix this, try to get to the original page by typing in the page URL, or by using your browser's BACK function. Now that you've authenticated, that should take you right to the page. If you are not authenticated, then you probably have cookies disabled on your browser. See the section on enabling cookies below.

Have you tried using another internet browser?

Internet Explorer users may way to try using another internet browser such as Mozilla or Netscape to test this problem. If either of these two browsers allow you to login successfully, there may be a configuration problem with your current browser. See below for troubleshooting.

Have you cleared your browser's cache or history?

It's possible that your browser has cached information that is causing you this error. If you need to clear your cache...

Internet Explorer - Go to Tools/Internet Options. In the General tab, you'll see buttons for clearing the History and removing cookies. Use both of these.

Mozilla / Netscape - Go to Edit/Preferences. On the left hand side of the new window, look for Advanced. When you expand that selection, you'll see Cache. There, you will see the option to clear your cache.

Do you have cookies enabled?

This authentication protocol uses cookies. For proper authorization, your browser must be willing to accept cookies. For more information, click here. To test your cookie settings, use the WRAP test pages.

Are you running a firewall or using a proxy server?

Make sure that you select "1 hour, Any Address" under "Cookie Type" when you enter your ID and password at the logon page.

Having problems authenticating with WRAP? The preceding issues are problems users have encountered in the past. If you are encountering a problem not covered in this FAQ, please contact NC State University Helpdesk at 919.515.HELP (4357) or you can fill out a Problem Report.